Floor Polish



Having the experience and the respective equipment (rotary washing machines at low and high speed) we polish plastic floors with floor polish and perform crystallization to marble floors in order to give a sense of renewal in your premises while providing further longevity to your floor.

Window glass cleaning


IMG 0055


In our human resources, we have professional window cleaners with long experience and the necessary safety equipment in order to meet our customer needs in the best possible way. We have lifting machinery and we undertake regular window and facade cleaning. BECAUSE WE TAKE INTO PERSONAL ACCOUNT THE PROPER APPEARANCE OF YOUR BUILDING.

Carpet – furniture cleaning



Having the proper equipment (extraction, shampooing and rotary washing machines) and relying on our experience, we undertake the cleaning of carpets and furniture, with responsibility, in order to appear renewed.
Call us and our company’s specialist will visit your premises and make an unrivaled financial offer which will be difficult to reject.